It’s virtual but its carbon footprint on the environment is astounding. Should you care? And what can you do about it?

The Dirt on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Missed the Bitcoin & Ether train? If you’re looking at cryptocurrency investing, here are some altcoins that could be the next biggest market player.

The Next BTC & ETH, Pt 2 — Crypto 101 | CeaSays

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation after BTC, ETH is for sale, but not its blockchain.

You Can’t Buy Ethereum — Crypto 101 | CeaSays

Aren’t financial technology & decentralised finance the same? Where does Bitcoin fit into this? Come find out!

FinTech vs DeFi — What’s the Difference? | CeaSays

Forget WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal. This messaging app secures your data on blockchain technology & rewards you for using it.

There’s a Messaging App That Pays You While You Use It | CeaSays

2 DEXes in the DeFi space are developing ways for investors to obtain real-time trading insights for more informed & sustainable investment decisions.

How to Get Info on Trades Early — Crypto 101

If your money isn’t making much in the bank, try providing liquidity in decentralised yield farms.


I write about crypto, blockchain, FinTech, nutrition, fitness, yoga & life.

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